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resources for a responsible archaeology

Standpoint Methodology and Epistemology


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Liboiron, Max (2017). Film on Tools, Practices, and Ethics for Monitoring Marine Plastic Pollution Developed in a Feminist Lab

From Resham Redmond:


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Asante, Molefi Kete (2009). Where is the white professor located?

From Nikki Grigg:

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Decanonizing Anthropology syllabus created by graduate students at Oregon State University (2019):


Heath-Stout, Laura and Elizabeth Hannigan (2020). "Affording Archaeology: How Field School Costs Promote Exclusivity." Advances in Archaeological Practice. 8(2):123-133.


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Archaeology and the Politics of the Past (2020) syllabus with extensive reading list:   PDF 

UCAN Anti-Racism Reading List (coordinated by Jamie Countryman):           LINK 

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Photo by Gary Cosby Jr, reproduced with his kind permission. 

Published originally in the Tuscaloosa News.

Archaeology in the Time of Black Lives Matter

a Zoom discussion panel

Thursday, June 25

4:10 - 6:00 PM EST         INFORMATION

FYI: "The University of Chicago’s Founding Ties to Slavery and the Path to Reparations", by Caine Jordan, Guy Emerson Mount, and Kai Perry Parker (2018).

Reflections on Race: A Multimedia Resource Guide, from the University of Chicago

Black Trowel Collective Microgrants - a collective of archaeologists (from PhD students to faculty members) committed to the active support of archaeology students from working-class and historically looted communities.

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