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Ancient Societies Workshop

Spring Quarter 2023:


28 March

Jas Elsner (Chicago, Art History / Oxford, Classics)

"Reflections on Replication in the Imagery of the Buddhist Stupa at Amaravati"

30 March

Carolina López-Ruiz (Chicago, Classics and Div School)

"Phoenician iconography and religious symbolism across the Mediterranean: two case studies."

***.b. this joint workshop with HBEJR will take place at 5:15 pm in Swift 106

11 April

Clifford Ando (UChicago, Classics and History)

"Toward a new history of Roman law: the evidence from statute"

18 April

Lex Ladge (Chicago, Art History)

"The Politics of Overstimulation: Monumental Altars in the Hellenistic Period and their Lived Environment"

25 April

Eduardo Garcia-Molina (Chicago, Classics)

"Examining service in the Seleukid army as a force of acculturation"

9 May

Ellen Morris (Barnard, Classics)

"Famine and Festival in Pharaonic and Greco-Roman Egypt"

The workshop meets at 3:30pm in Classics 21.

Interdisciplinary Archaeology Workshop

Spring Quarter 2023:


Theme for 2022-23 is: Archaeology in and of the Present 

March 29th – Joint with APEA

Yuwei Zhou (PhD Student, East Asian Languages and Civilizations)

“Was There a Clan Cemetery in Yinxu? – A Spatial and Statistical Approach to the Mortuary Practice in Late Shang China”


April 5th

May Peterson (PhD Student, Art History)

“(De)composition of the Flesh: Strategies of Preservation, Relation, and Representation in Early Medieval Bodies and Artifacts”


April 19th

Dr. Mehrnoush Soroush (Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago)

“Remote Sensing for Dating: Why and How”


Thursday, April 27th

*Note Non-Canonical Day*

Dr. David Mixter (Professor of Anthropology, SUNY Binghamton)

“Living in Ruins: Vibrancy and Decay in the Ancient Maya City”


Thursday, May 4th

*Note Non-Canonical Day*

Dr. Rachel Scott (Professor of Anthropology, DePaul University)

“The Blackfriary Archaeological Project in Trim, Ireland”


May 10th – Joint with CEERES

Dr. Lori Khatchadourian (Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Cornell University) & Dr. Adam Smith (Professor of Anthropology, Cornell University)

Heritage Forensics: Satellites and Specters in the Contested Caucasus


May 24th

Emma Gilheany (PhD Student, Department of Anthropology)

“Verticality: Nunatsiavummiut and Imperial Perspectives”


To be added to our mailing list, and for copies of papers, please email us at and IAW continues to accept proposals on a rolling basis for Winter and Spring quarters. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Other UChicago Workshops of Interest

The University of Chicago sponsors over 70 interdisciplinary workshops on a wide range of themes. These venues bring together graduate students, faculty, and visiting scholars from multiple disciplines to discuss cutting edge work in progress (book or dissertation chapters, journal articles, etc.).

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