Ancient Societies Workshop

Autumn Quarter 2022:


11 October – Anthony Kaldellis (UChicago, Classics)
“A thousand pages for a thousand years: Merging the granular and the macroscopic”

25 October – Luiza Osorio Guimaraes da Silva (UChicago, NELC)
“Was Pharaoh Egypt?: The Monumentalization of Kingship in the Past and Present”

15 November – Sunwoo Lee (UChicago, NELC)
“What does Pharaoh have to do with Medicine?”

29 November – Sophia Alkhoury (UChicago, Classics)
“Addressing the Gods: Language and Strategies in the Metrical Logoi of GEM 57”

The workshop meets at 3:30pm.

Interdisciplinary Archaeology Workshop

Autumn Quarter 2022:


Theme for 2022-23 is: Archaeology in and of the Present 


To be added to our mailing list, and for copies of papers, please email us at and IAW continues to accept proposals on a rolling basis for Winter and Spring quarters. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Schedule Coming Soon!

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