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courses for current year

Fall Quarter 2022

Courses of potential interest to archaeology students. Consult "Course Descriprions by Faculty Member" page and departmental webpages for more detailed information.

Michael Dietler

Somatic Material Culture  (ANTH 52421)

Seth Estrin

Ancient Stones in Modern Hands  (ARTH 20304/30304)

Jonathan Hall

Ancient Mediterranean World I: Greece  (HIST 16700; CLCV 20700)

Hripsime Haroutunian

Armenian History Through Art and Culture  (NEHC 20692/30692; ARCH 20692; ARTH 20692; HIST 25711)

Catherine Kearns

Mediterranean Islands: Odd and Insular Histories  (CLASS 33822; CLCV 32822)

Catherine Kearns

Energy In World Civilizations  (ENST 27521; HIST 175212)

Alan Kolata

The Inka and Aztec States  (ANTH 20100)

Augusta McMahon

Archeology of the Ancient Near East I: Mesopotamia  (NEAA 20001/30001)

Hannah Moots

Bioethics and Ancient DNA (NEAA 20007/30007; KNOW 20007/30007)

David Schloen

Introduction to Archaeology  (NEAA 20100)

David Schloen

Introduction to Digital Humanities  (DIGS 30007)

Mehrnoush Soroush

Ancient Landscapes of the Middle East I  (NEAA 20061/30061; ANTH 26710/36710; GEOG 25400/35400)

Celtic Horse 1.jpg

Winter Quarter 2023

Jonathan Hall

This is Sparta (or is it?) (HIST 20302/30302; CLCV 20100; CLAS 30100)

Andrew Hamilton

Objects of Andean Art  (ARTH 25112/35112)

Wu Hung

Image, Medium and Context of Chinese Pictorial Art  (ARTH 24502/34602)

Douglas Inglis

Ancient Empires III  (NEHC 20013; CLCV 25900; HIST 15604)

Douglas Inglis

Maritime Archaeology and Shipwrecks II  (NEAA 20451; CLAS 22422; CLCV 23422; NEAA 30451)

Wei-Cheng Lin

Objects and Materials  (ARTH 44002)

Hannah Mooots

Archaeogenetics and the Human Past (NEAA 30524; KNOW 20005/30524)

Kiersten Neumann

From Ground to Gallery: Visual Culture of the Ancient Near East  (ARTH 23010/33010; HIST 25624/35624; NEAA 20610/30610)

Cecilia Palombo

ANCIENT EMPIRES V: The Umayyads (NEHC 20015)

Hervé Reculeau

Imperialism Before the Age of Empires  (NEHC 20737/30737; HIST 20312/ 30312)

Mehrnoush Soroush

Ancient Landscapes II (NEAA 20062/30062; ANTH 26711/36711; GEOG 25800/ 35800)

Gil Stein

Rise of the State in the Ancient Near East (NEHC 20030; ANTH 26715/36715; NEAA30030)

coin 1.jpg

Spring Quarter 2023

Anna Berlekamp & Charles Wilson

Ancient Empires I: Hittite Empire  (NEHC 20011; CLCV 25700; HIST 15602)

Jas' Elsner

Art and Religion from the Roman to the Christian Worlds  (ARTH 28330/38330)

Wu Hung

Refashioning the Forbidden City: Emperor Qianlong and Qing Court Art and Interior Decoration  (ARTH 42605)

Douglas Inglis

Digital Imaging and Modeling in Archaeology  (NEAA 20352/30352; DIGS 20020/30020)

Catherine Kearns

Death and Burial (CLCV 24622; CLAS 34622)

Catherine Kearns

Haves and Have-Nots: Class, Status, and Wealth in the Ancient World (CLCV 23922; CLAS 33922)

Wei-Cheng Lin

Materializing China's Cultural Ephemera  (ARTH 45012)

Augusta McMahon

Ancient Empires VI: Assyrian Empire  (NEHC 20016)

Augusta McMahon

Mesopotamian Cities  (NEAA 20036/30036)

François Richard

Landscapes: More than Humans Living on a Damaged Planet

Gil Stein

Topics in Mesopotamian Prehistory II  (NEAA 20162/30162)

Alice Yao

Data Sets  (ANTH 33312)

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