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covid-19 notices

Due to the COVID-19 emergency during the Spring Quarter 2020, all classes, workshops, and office hours will be held online, generally via Zoom. Please contact the relevant faculty member or workshop coordinator for access information.

-UCAN graduate students have also set up a Slack workspace to communicate with each other. To join, go to:  



-For more updates, please see the UChicago Coronavirus page: 

-See also The World Health Organization Coronavirus site:




-See also the AAUP Coronavirus Information for Higher Ed site: 



-The Institute for Field Research has just (3/26) cancelled all of their summer 2020 programs, and I suspect this is going to be a pattern for most archaeological field projects. Let us know if you would like UCAN to announce changes to your own fieldwork plans.



Stay healthy and we'll see you again when we are all allowed out of the Corona-bunker! 

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