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courses for the current year

Fall Quarter 2022


Ancient Mediterranean World I: Greece (CLCV 20700) C. Kearns.


Ancient Sparta (​CLCV 20100) J. Hall.


Archaeological Writing (Anth 56950) A. Yao & S. Newman.

Archaeology of the Ancient Near East VI: Egypt (NEAA 20006/30006) R. El-Behaedi.


Fieldwork in the Archives (ANTH 48400). S. Dawdy.


Human Origins: Milestones in Human Evolution and the Fossil Record (ANTH 28110) Z. Alemseged.


Making the Maya World (ANTH 26330/36330) S. Newman.

Making the Monsoon: The Ancient Indian Ocean (CLAS 26620) R. Payne.

Mesoamerican Architecture (ARTH 16010) C. Brittenham.

Social Theory of the City (ANTH 58600) A. Kolata.

The Greek Countryside (CLAS 27116 / CLCV 37116) C. Kearns.

UCAN relevant courses: 2021-21

Winter Quarter 2021


Animal Magnetism: Histories of Human-Animal Relationships (ANTH 20014) S. Newman.

Ancient Empires I - The Hittite Empire (NEHC 20011 / CLCV 25700) J. Osborne.

Ancient Landscapes-2 (NEAA 20070/30070 / GEOG 25800/35800) A. Lauricella.

Ancient Mediterranean World II: Rome (CLCV 20800) A. Bresson.

Ancient Stones in Modern Hands (CLCV 21019) S. Estrin & A. Goff.

Archaeological Methods and Interpretations (NEAA 20100/30100) D. Schloen.

Archaeology of Colonialism (ANTH 56500) M. Dietler.

Art & Archaeology of the Near East 3: The Levant (NEAA 20003/30003) D. Schloen.

Art of the East: China (ARTH 16100) W. Hung.

Bioarchaeology and the Human Skeleton (ANTH 28400/38800 / BIOS 23247) M.C. Lozada.

Creativity and Craftwork (ANTH 58517) A. Yao.

Greek Archaeology in 20 Objects (CLAS 27320) C. Kearns.

Heritage, Memory, and the Affective Turn: Performing and Consuming the Past (ANTH 26825) M. Dietler.

Introduction to Islamic Archaeology (NEAA 20501/30501) D. Whitcomb.

Mobility in Society: Concepts and Cultures (ANTH 22850) B. Lowry.

Objects of Andean Art (ARTH 25112/35112) A. Hamilton.

Rise of the State in the Ancient Near East (NEAA 20030/30030) G. Stein.

The Age of Innovation -- Famous Firsts 5,000 Years Ago (NEHC 21010) S. Paulus.

The Epigraphy of the Greek World (CLAS 25806) A. Bresson.

The Return of Migration: Mobility and the New Empiricism (CLAS 42720) J. Osborne & C. Kearns.

Time and Temporality: The Future Edition (ANTH 56315) S. Dawdy.

Spring Quarter 2021

Ancient Empires III - The Egyptian Empire of the New Kingdom (NEHC 20013 / CLCV 25900) B. Muhs.


Andean Art and Architecture (ARTH 16213) C. Brittenham.


Apes and Human Evolution (ANTH 21428/38600 / BIOS 13253 / HIPS 21428) R. Tuttle.

Archaeology Lab Practicum (ANTH 29500/29500) S. Dawdy.

Archaeology of Bronze Age China (EALC 28015/48015 / ANTH 26760/46760) Y.-T. Li.

Archaeology of the Ancient Near East 2: Anatolia (NEAA 20002/30002) J. Osborne.


Architectural Worlds: The Materiality and Sociality of Space (ANTH 21354) E. Vidal Montero.

Authenticity (ANTH 50615) M. Dietler.

Imperialism Before the Age of Empires? (NEHC 20737/3073) H. Reculeau.

Introduction to Zooarchaeology (ANTH 28410/38810 / NEAA 20035/30035) G. Stein.

Late Levant: Archaeology of Islamic Syria-Palestine (NEAA 20522/30522) D. Whitcomb.


Material Worlds across Premodern East Asia (ANTH 21270) A. Yao.

Neo-Hittite and Aramaean City-States (NEAA 30330) J. Osborne.

Painting and Description in the Roman World: Philostratus' Imagines - Religion, Education, Sexuality (ARTH 29001/39001) J. Elsner.


The Inca and Aztec States (ANTH 20100/40100) A. Kolata.

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