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Claudia Brittenham

Andean Art and Architecture

Art and Urbanism at Teotihuacan

Chichen Itza

Image and Text in Mexican Codices

Mexican Murals

The Discovery of Paganism

Shannon Dawdy

Archaeological Experiments in Filmmaking

Archaeology of Modernity

Archaeology of the Contemporary

Archaeology of Race and Ethnicity

Archaeology Lab Practicum

Archaeology Research Design

Being and Death

Fieldwork in the Archives

Time and Temporality

The Underworld: Archaeology of Crime and Informal Economies

Michael Dietler

African Civilization

Alcohol: Social Problem or Normal Cultural Practice?

Ancient Celtic Societies

Archaeology and the Politics of the Past

The Archaeology of Colonialism


Celts: Ancient, Modern, Postmodern

Ceramic Analysis 

Colonial Landscapes 

Economic Anthropology and Archaeology

Ethnoarchaeology and Material Culture 

Heritage, Memory, and the Affective Turn: Performing and Consuming the Past

Material Culture and Consumption

Memory, Ideology, and Identity

Migration and Diaspora

Pierre Bourdieu and Practice Theory

Theory and Method in Archaeology

Western Mediterranean Civilization I (Antiquity)

Jas' Elsner

Art and Religion in Late Antiquity

Pilgrimage in Antiquity and Early Christendom


Theories of Art in the Twentieth Century: Historiography, Religion, and Crisis

Veiling the Image: Sacred & Profane – Antiquity to Modernity

Seth Estrin

Ancient Stones in Modern Hands

Art and Archaeology of Death and Mourning in Ancient Greece

Greek Art and Archaeology

Minoan Art, Modern Myths, and Problems of Prehistory

The Body and Embodiment in Ancient Greek Art

McGuire Gibson

Archaeology of the Ancient Near East-1: Mesopotamia

Mesopotamian Archaeology-3. The 2nd Millennium, Collapse, Recovery, Collapse

Mesopotamian Pottery

Problems in Mesopotamian Archaeology

Seals In Ancient Near East

Texts in Context: Documents in Archaeology

Jonathan Hall

Archaeology for Ancient Historians

Archaic Greece

Greek Religion in Historical Context

Text & Material Culture in the Greek & Roman World

The Ancient City: The Greek World

The Present Past in Greece Since 1769

Who Were the Greeks?

Wu Hung

Art of the East: China

Mediums and Contexts of Chinese Pictorial Art

Catherine Kearns

Ancient Mediterranean Environments and Landscapes

Ancient Mediterranean World-1: Greece

Peripheries of the Greek World

The Greek Countryside

The Mediterranean in Antiquity: Imperial Connections

Alan Kolata

Andean Archaeology

Andean Ethnohistory

Social Theory of the City

The City in History

The Human Environment: Ecological Anthropologies and Anthropological Ecologies

The Inka and Aztec States

The Preindustrial City

Yungti Li

Anyang: Hist of Research of the Last Shang Dynasty Capital

Archaeological Approaches to Early China

Archaeology of Anyang: Bronzes, Inscriptions and World Heritage

Archaeology of Bronze Age China

Archaeology of Craft Production: Theories and Case Studies

Archaeology of Regional Interaction: Theories and Case Studies

Craft Production in Early China

Richard Neer

Athenian Vase-Painting: Wine, Myth and Politics

Greek Art and Archaeology

What Is Style (and why are they saying such terrible things about it)?

Wonder, Grace and Beauty: Ancient Sculpture in the Present

James Osborne

Ancient Empires

Architecture and the Built Environment in Archeology

BIG: Monumental Buildings and Sculptures in the Past and Present

Ceramic Ananlysis

Migrations and Population Movements of the Ancient Near East

Monuments and Monumentality in the Past and Present

Neo-Hittite and Aramaean City-States

Pottery of Ancient Anatolia

The Hittite Empire

The Mediterranean in Antiquity: Imperial Connections

David Schloen

Archaeological Methods and Interpretations

Art and Archaeology Near East -3: Levant

The Bible and Archaeology

Trade and Exchange in the Ancient Near East

Gil Stein

Economic Organization of Ancient Complex Societies

Introduction to the Archaeology of Afghanistan

Rise of the State in the Near East

Topics: Mesopotamian History II: Uruk Mesopotamia and Neighbor


Donald Whitcomb

Archaeology of Coptic/Islamic Egypt

Introduction to Islamic Archaeology

Islamic Pottery as Historical Evidence

Late Levant: Archaeology of Islamic Syria-Palestine

Problems in Islamic Archaeology: The Islamic City

Alice Yao

Approaches to Settlement and Land Survey

Archaeological Data Sets

Archaeological Approaches to Early China

Archaeology Field Research in China

Death, the Body, and the Ends of Life

Material Worlds Across Premodern East Asia

People's Garbage: Intro to Archaeology & Histories of Waste


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