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Rozenn Bailleul-LeSuer

Research Associate - Oriental Institute

An Egyptologist and specialist on birds in ancient Egypt.

Postdoctoral Fellow - Oriental Institute

An archaeologist of the ancient Near East, focusing on Anatolia, Assyria, and the northern Levant in the second and first millennia BCE. In her work, Morgan seeks to reevaluate conventional narratives of sociopolitical organization and development, particularly as they intersect with themes of power and gender; combining analyses of material culture, architecture, and urbanism with anthropological theory and historical criticism, her research explores the ways non-elites experienced and contributed to the construction of group identities in the ancient world.

She is the organizer of the 2019 Oriental Institute Symposium: Pomp, Circumstance, and the Performance of Politics: Acting ‘Politically Correct’ in the Ancient World

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